Liat Raz – Designer

Liat was born in 1976 and even then she realized that walking was not enough …

At the age of four, Liat began her dance studies in Classical Ballet and at the age of seventeen she was exposed to the world of Flamenco Dancing. The magic of dance and the rhythm of Flamenco captivated Liat. She continued her studies in Spain, where she trained alongside many great Flamenco teachers and dancers including Havier Cruz, Manolo Marin, La Tati, Choni, Rafael Campallo, Belen Maya, Rafaela Carrasco and Belen Fernandez.

Over the years, Liat has appeared as a Dancer in the Flamenco Troupe of Silvia Duran. Liat has also performed in the band ‘Passion Flamenco’ as a Singer, Dancer and Choreographer.

Since 2000, Liat has taught Flamenco groups, Workshops and Master Classes around the country.

In 2004, she founded The ‘Liat Raz’ Center for Flamenco in Herzliya that she continues to run to this day.

Today the Liat Raz Center for Flamenco is home to twenty different Flamenco groups, all led by various teachers that take part in numerous dance events. These events include Concerts, Master Classes with International Teachers and study trips to Spain.

In 2013, after many years of professional experience in the world of Flamenco Dancing, Liat decided she would implement her profound knowledge of Flamenco to launch the Boutique Flamenco clothing brand ‘Passion’, Flamenco fashion wear for Dancers.

She incorporated the essence of Flamenco into her designs; drawing on the different sounds, rhythm, smells and feelings that had been shared with her fellow dancers and students throughout her dancing career.